Airstar – The Best Led Construction Balloon Light Systems

Airstar lighting balloons feature a complex woven envelope design that offers excellent diffusion and a glare free bright light. Depending on the different products and your needs, you can use this light source with numerous lamp technologies including the LEDs, discharge lamps and compact fluorescent systems.

Airstar lighting balloon models offer a complete lighting solution to all your spaces. These technologies can be permanently installed in your homes, outdoor spaces, and commercial spaces and wherever you want. We are proud to say that we are the sole inventors and leader of lighting balloon systems. Established in 1994, we have more than two decades of industry experience and today we are named among the global leaders. We have brightened up thousands of spaces till now and we are all set to work on the most audacious projects for our customers.

Why Use Airstar Lights?

Below are some of the good reasons to use Airstar lighting balloons:

  • They create the architectural concept
  • They offer a glare free source of light that will not irritate your eyes.
  • They help you in creating a pleasant atmosphere in your inside spaces.
  • They offer full customization means you can set them according to your personal preferences.
  • They help you in eliminating cast shadow.
  • They offer minimum light pollution.
  • They offer great lighting efficiency which means reduced electricity bills.

Airstar Lighting Solutions – Indoor Range

Airstar lighting balloons are designed for permanent setup. They offer excellent power efficiency by producing a glare free, diffused light. These lights are capable of enhancing the look and feel of any indoor space. These are not just th3 lights but double up as aesthetic visual elements. The fine designs and styles makes them the most interesting decorative lighting systems.

With Airstar, you can stay assured by having the most efficient and homogenous sources of lights for your home or other spaces. The lights are very easy to maintain and are fully modular. The lighting balloons are designed to work best with your creativity.

Airstar Lighting Solutions – Outdoor Range

Airstar offers a permanent lighting solution for your outdoor spaces. Their models aren’t only power efficient but come in stunning designs as well. There are lighting systems for your huge outdoor spaces including alleys, parks, patios, gardens, parking lots, backyard, terrace, poolside etc. Lighting systems for commercial areas such as shopping malls, stores, offices, warehouses and the list goes on.

The Airstar lights are unique design objects that offer pleasant, homogenous lighting solutions that offer a 360 degree coverage.

Not just that, Airstar lighting ballons can also be used as communication tools and signage. They look aesthetically pleasing and are very easy to maintain as well. Finally, the models are fully customizable and double as decorative pieces.

Coming to the prices, Airstar lighting products are very affordable. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about the lighting aspect of your home for years.

Key Features Of Airstar Lighting Balloons

Airstar lighting balloons as we already discussed, feature a woven envelope design that gives off a high intensity, glare-free and diffused light capable of brightening up the small and large spaces.

Below are the main features of Airstar lighting balloons:

  • Available for both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Designed for permanent installation
  • Complete lighting sources
  • Noise free lights
  • Offer full customization
  • Flicker-free lights
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes and designs
  • Available in different power combinations
  • Fully dimmable
  • Air or Helium inflated balloons
  • Extremely versatile
  • Super lightweight
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • LED Light Pads
  • Intensity can be controlled as per your preference
  • Offer great flexibility; offer wireless DMX control
  • Zero rigging with Helium inflated balloons
  • Highly power efficient

Airstar has a solution to all your lighting requirements. Be it your home, office or any other space, there is a perfect light balloon for your every need. Airstar lighting balloons are not just your high-quality light sources, but are great future investment as well. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about lightning and brightening your space for years, that’s what Airstar is known for. Get your Airstar lighting balloons now!