Keyphone System VS PBX Phone System

In small businesses or large homes, people would install key phone systems if they need the phone with ability to access more than two lines directly. What are keyphone systems? What are the function and benefit of installing it?

A keyphone system has multiple buttons which symbolize individual lines. You just need to pick up the receiver and press a button to make a call. If the phone line is in use, the buttons will then lights up. Although keyphone systems are not customizable compared to PBX system, but it provides features those traditional phones don’t have, such as hold buttons, speakerphone, paging, intercom, memory dialing, timers and long-distance restriction capabilities. You can also call extensions within your office with a key phone.

Another system available for your office is PBX system. PBX system allows you to connect the phones within a company to another and connects to public switched telephone network. PBX phone system function like a mini phone call centre. PBX phone system is a private telephone network where employees share a limited phone lines to receive call from outside.

Keyphone system and PBX system has the same feature. However, PBX phone system has more flexibility and automated features to meet the needs of your business. It also capable with hundreds phone line compared to key phone systems. To install PBX system, you need a cabinet for electronic equipment. The technician will install the system and connect all internal and external phone line to the cabinet. To get the flexibility of PBX phone, the cost is also higher. If you need a better function for your office phone, consider on PBX phone system.