Private Equity vs. Venture Capital: Understanding the Difference

Private Equity and Venture Capital are both investments made by individuals and companies into businesses. The difference is that venture capital deals with investing in startup companies that have the potential to be something big in the future. When people invest in these things, they think the people behind them are good at what they do.

Who is Involved in Private Equity?

Those who are used to investing in companies are involved in private equities and they don’t really want to make it known that they made such investments. After all, they would want nothing more than to gain more income and see the business grow at the same time. The amount can vary depending on the share that would be decided upon by the investor. It can even be an entire corporation just making up a twenty percent share of a small company. For example, it is normal for one restaurant to have multiple owners and some of them will never be known. There are part owners who invested in it but they could also change their minds and take out their share somewhere down the road.

How are Start Ups Invested on?

There are a lot of start-ups who have nice concepts but don’t have the funds. They would present their concepts to big time investors who would take their time before they would even think about investing the money they saved onto these companies. A lot can happen within a span of a few years so you won’t really know if they would succeed or not. Since these investors have been in the industry for quite a while, they have a good chance of predicting the outcome of these new companies. Of course, the concept must sweep them off their feet. If it is something they have never seen before and they think it would have some sort of potential, don’t blame them if they give it the go signal. It is evident there are a lot of things a start-up company needs to spend on including overhead costs. As a result, they can’t really shoulder all of that and they would promise to give back the investors what they spent on as long as they become successful a few years from now.

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